Oman Khasab tour

Looking for Musandam Khasab tour packages? If yes, then you are at the right place! we offer the best Khasab Oman tours with transport from Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah Abu Dhabi. Our all-inclusive Musandam Khasab tour from Dubai is the most booked Khasab Oman tour package because we take care of everything.


Musandam Khasab tour packages include a full-day dhow cruise with dolphins, a private overnight dhow cruise, Oman Khasab tour an off-road mountain safari, overnight beach camping, a half-day dhow cruise, a Khasab city tour, and scuba diving.


Khasab Oman is very famous for its serenity, turquoise waters, bays, and historical Islands. The area is so beautiful that it has been dubbed “Norway of Arabia” because of its fjords. Thousands of tourists from around the world join the Khasab Musandam tours to explore the amazing Khasab Musandam fjords and watch dolphins.


Khasab Musandam fjords are blessed with such beauty that you will not find anywhere else. Khasab dhow cruise, traditional wooden dhows, take you to the historical Telegraph and Seebi Islands and offer a view of small fisherman villages inside the fjords. Need help planning a Khasab Musandam tour? We have operated uncountable Khasab Musandam tours and can help you plan your tour as well.






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